John C. Jensen

Unity Developer

Unity Game Developer specializing in C# programming

Miscellaneous Projects

Various smaller projects/experiments I’ve done, along with freelance work that I’ve done that I’m able to show.


My very first Unity project was a simple “game” aimed at very young children that I released on the Play Store. The player touches a button, and the dinosaur does something!

It took a total of 3 months since I was brand new to both Unity and Adobe Illustrator. I also learned a LOT about animation.

I sold more than 1,000 units of the paid version, which I considered a huge success, as it allowed me to honestly say that I got paid to learn Unity.

Customizable Time Bomb

My second Unity project, also released on the Play Store. Not really a game, but it was intended to be a companion app for Paintball/Airsoft/Nerf players to create a physical “defuse the bomb” objective.

My goal for this project was to finish it within a week. I was able to develop and release it in exactly 7 days, including producing all of the art and implementing advertisements.

While it was active, it had 600,000 downloads.

RPG Combat System Experiment

I’ve always thought that the traditional RPG “two opponents stab each other dozens of times” combat paradigm was weird and overused. 

Melee combat in movies is often much more interesting; the fight consists of dodging, parrying, and trying to overwhelm their opponents, since generally if someone is hit once or twice, the fight is over.

With this in mind, I prototyped an active RPG combat system based around managing your Balance & Stamina pools via the use of abilities that are more offensively or defensively weighted.

Balance- A resource pool that automatically replenishes. Offensive abilities consume Balance. Your chance to parry is proportional to your current Balance; you will always Parry above half Balance. Parrying an attack that reduces you to 0 Balance will Overwhelm you, briefly preventing Balance recovery.

Stamina- Resource pool that does not normally regenerate during combat. Defensive abilities consume Stamina to restore Balance, and aggressive “All-in” attacks also drain your stamina. Similar to Balance/Parrying, your current Stamina controls your ability to automatically Dodge an attack. If you run out of Stamina, you will become Exhausted and vulnerable for several seconds before you rally and recover a percentage of Stamina.

I considered the experiment a success, and I think it’d be esspecially fun in a PVP game.

Unreleased Game - Coding & Animation

I did some freelance work for an unreleased game.

I created procedural animation for the character, coded the movement, spawning, and upgrade systems, and created the UI.