John C. Jensen

Unity Developer

Unity Game Developer specializing in C# programming

Hi! I’m John, a Game Developer and programmer from Phoenix, AZ.

Thanks for visiting my portfolio site. Below, you’ll find examples of Unity projects I’ve worked on, along with descriptions of each one explaining what I learned, my methods, or my game design thought processes. There’s also a summary of my skills.

Ever since the release of EverQuest, I’ve had a fascination with MMOs and virtual worlds, which expanded to games that simulates economies or ecosystems; basically anything that results in dynamic, emergent gameplay. Colony Sims like Rimworld are a favorite. The result is that most of my personal projects end up focused on dynamic systems/AI.

I’ve been working full time with Unity & C# for over ten years, but I’ve had a lifelong interest in Game Development. Video Games are my passion, but I’ve reached the point where making games is more satisfying than playing them; I want to help people share the same kind of experiences that have been so important to me.

I’m currently open to new employment opportunities, so if you’re interested in working with me, please contact me.

My Unity Game Projects

In-development multiplayer ghost hunting game. 

  • Procedural investigation generator. Players discover different types of evidence that gives them the info they need to locate other evidence types
  • Player Fear simulation that fluctuates based on light level, proximity to other players/ghosts and frightening events
  • Interconnected powered object system
  • Ghost AI/personality system controls aggression, likelihood of interactions, manifestation frequency, etc.

A single player RPG focused on MMO-style healing; currently in development. Extensive use of ScriptableObjects for rapid content creation. 

  • Flexible modular spellcasting & status effect systems
  • Deep RPG combat system with non-deterministic utility-based AI
  • Complex Item system including random equipment affixes
  • Fully featured inventory system
  • Quest system

A prototype I created as a learning exercise. An attempt at creating a complex AI similar to colony management games like Rimworld. This was the beginning of my obsession with ScriptableObject based architecture.

  • AI chooses actions by weighing needs vs goals and the difficulty of accomplishing them, affected by personality types
  • First incarnation of my inventory system
  • Building blueprint/construction system, usable by AI
  • AI team-based knowledge/communication

A permadeath space exploration game with focusing on slower-paced naval style combat that rewards careful positioning and well-timed usage of special equipment.

This page is mostly centered around my thought processes on the game’s design and my balance solutions.

My first attempt at a “real” Unity game was a 2D mine exploration platformer featuring:

  • My first from-scratch character controller
  • Experiments with procedural animation
  • First dive into procedural generation, using the power of wildly guessing instead of existing algorithms.
  • Store & Upgrade system
  • Really weird enemy designs

Various smaller scale personal projects I’ve worked on as well as other odds and ends.